Sunday, July 9, 2023

Sunrise, sunset, draft no. 2

I am no longer worried that the night will

swallow me whole.

I like the night in winter now.

It coos me to sleep.

It cradles me.

It quiets everything.

I have never been someone to set my life by

the sunrise.

I have always had my mind


But this year, for some reason

I don’t fully understand,

this year, God said, you can get up

and see the sky I have waiting for you.

The days are shorter--

My husband, he

knows the time.

He could tell you

when, exactly, the sun will rise each day

when it will set each night

when the day is that will be the darkest

when the day is with the most light.

I married him because he remembers and


time’s pass—

I’ve lived and loved light, but

just when light happened

I had left a mystery.

Now, here, on my phone it tells me

everything about it

and if I look up long enough

I won’t miss a single sunset