Friday, July 21, 2023

Caramels, draft no. 2

I was a naughty kitten on Tuesday

on the drive home from work I told myself

I would go into that chain store and come right out

if I did not see the one thing

I was looking for

but I lost track of time and also


one of my silver velvet gloves

with the puff of rabbit hair

that I had found in Shawano at Octoberfest earlier that fall

in the clearance room of Drier Pharmacy

with the old lady at the cashier

who seemed so completely thrilled

to be there helping her friend sell nice things at cheap prices

who told everyone she does this for her friend for free

except maybe being granted a store item now and then


she was like a circus showman

every. single. thing.  she said made the store

look better

made me want to buy. something.

made me glad that there are every kind of people in the world

filling it and giving it life

and making it possible for me to have a Saturday that seemed


so incredibly sweet

I don’t even know if I will ever find out who that other woman was

who sold me those caramels

that were as fresh as baby’s cheeks or plums

she seemed so sweet herself I would not be surprised if she was edible, too

that is how sweet she was

But I remember stopping by her booth on that warm October day

a booth which seemed so sparse

save the caramels seemingly put there just for me

that when I got home

and ate the first one

I thought that maybe

I had met an angel unaware



I have forgotten to mention

the sweetest part:

the finding the silver glove


on the asphalt’s

dim floor