Thursday, May 21, 2015

This year's birthday card to my sister inside my Isle of Jersey geranium photo:

Some say mold
Some say patina'ed
Some say old
I say perfected
Happy Birthday, Nat!

It Ought To Be A Crime

I finished this on May 12, 2015. Journey Community Church held a special event for the police department and their families this year and this was included on each plate of goodies given.

It ought to be a crime
To walk along the river path
Or leave house windows up a crack
And find all’s well when you get back--
Your car, your home, your life, intact—
Yes, it ought to be a crime--
When things go better than deserved--
To fail to honor those who serve--
Police and staff (and kids and spouses)
Guarding De Pere’s land and houses--
For all the ills that don’t come near
And all that has not happened here

solomon the prolific

Okay, so after our church’s series on Song of Songs, I remember I had chosen Solomon as my subject to do an assignment based on e.e. cumming’s writing style for my Creative Writing class at Dallas Seminary.
Jen Hunt 10/95 681, Creative Writing, DTS DHY exercise p 152

solomon the prolific
penned one thousand ditties
and married fourfivesix seven hundred dames
in a wink
tisk, tisk
he was a wise man
and the question I wanna ask him is
the shulammite wasn’t a plenty