Sunday, February 14, 2016

Ode to France

by Jen Hunt
This is a flashback poem written just after a delightful trip taken with my Core 4 friends a few years back.

There is nothing so nice
As to visit France thrice
France with three friends was a nice way
To end all the terrible bends in the road
A fork! No! A spoon and
We’re getting paid soon for the gong
And the groans and the long and the lone
Rangers we were in the sky to afar
Where the papacy stayed
And a juggernaut frayed and
We strayed from our roots and
We played puss in boots and we
Made off with loot of all kinds
Life is sometimes a lemon and sometimes
A rind, but in Nice there are
Niceties rare and sublime
Like jewel-crusted windows or lavender wine
Or a 101 unique gelatos to try
We’re sure to revisit there oft in our minds
Where the limestone has worn
From the mistral’s strong twines
Oh, the scents that you’ll sniff
And the rocks you will skip
From the Cote d’Azure’s glorious
Bluffs, bends and skiffs
As we sip Orangina, and shield eyes from bare tits
Yes, we’ll carry a bit in our hearts and our hips
Of this once-in-a-lifetime incredible trip
We had much to explore and we drove door-to-door
In the marvelous, fabulous, swank Cote D’Azre!
Thanks to Brenda, our tour guide, and Jenny, our muse,
And Kristie’s map reading and Mary’s free booze
Surely nothing is quainter than Villefranche-Sur-Mer
Not in France, or in Europe, or, I doubt, anywhere.