Friday, July 21, 2023

Standing Room Only, draft no. 2*

This poem is for those which have gotten stuck

in my throat on the way out

for those which I am in denial about

for those which from shock have been forgotten

I now understand why you thought Jesus the gardener

Mary Magdalene

Until Jesus breathed your name outside his tomb

And brought you to your senses

Rabboni! he cried, meaning teacher,

Teacher, yes, at least that

And so much more

You did not scold her blindness

One word from you brought her to herself


My soul breathes this prayer

Rabboni, I am listening

Ever, always


C.S. Lewis wrote “to love at all is to be vulnerable”

And that was written on the bag I carried to group today

Someone wrote love is a two-columned wonder

A phrase which I first heard at my sister’s wedding

When I as too afraid to understand


I am sitting now

make that standing, at least on the inside

in a room--room full of columns

two or five or twenty

When a room is that full of columns

no quake can topple it

no quake topples when souls stand straight


I can understand Paul’s sadness without despair

I am feeling the tears on my cheeks

and I don’t even care if they are salty or sweet

a cry of joy or grief--

both feel redeemed

when our souls meet

Jesus, you are as kind and perfect as sunlight on my cheek


I’ve always known the song “love means never having to say you’re sorry”

is a blatant lie

but I wonder if it holds a sliver, a flame, of truth

for there is no need to hear sorry from one kind of love

a perfect love

because a perfect love can be trusted

to always do what is right

There is no need to hear sorry from a perfect love

just to feel arms that hold

arms that risk

a vulnerable love

arms that are wounded, yet shield me

as their dove

I know of one alone who qualifies--

My Rabboni!

*In honor of my ACA friends.