Monday, July 10, 2023

Domain Migration, draft no. 2

I was told to put my laptop, at work,

I was told to put my laptop

on the docking station

and it had to be there

at 4 o’clock

it had to be there

or they needed to know right away

it had to be there

because they were going to tell it

where they had to get its information from.

--that is the best way I can put it

I do not know anything about IT—

but I made a special trip all the way from home

to be sure it was there at that time

and they said unless you put it there

the transfer would have failed.

That was a computer


I have a soul

I wonder when and where I am supposed to be

For my domain migration


If I want to put myself in where

God can speak to me

of things of a different realm

I should try to be there

Right. On. Time.