Friday, July 14, 2023

You Can Search More If You Want to, draft no. 3

We are all so very fragile.*

We are all so very rare.

We should treat each and every one of us as jewels

in God’s hair.

I do not know how to do it.

I cannot do it, that I know.

But I know a God who can

And I want his crown to glow.

Some say it is not difficult to be a little kind.

I say it is impossible, unless he’s deep inside.

Many people seem far nicer than me,

At least from the outside, from what I can see,

Far, far nicer than I want to admit.

Then again, I will not be the one on the throne judging it.

I am not the one for whom the play was writ,

I was never the play writer, just a tiny part bit.

I splay feet oddly when I waddle and I overthink.

I’m deaf and mute and pick at zits.

Much more’s wrong than I have a clue yet.

But when he shows me, he will dress the wound best.

I don’t think there could possibly be a better

resolution to my mess.

You can search, if you want to,

but I like his balm the best.

*This first line starts almost like the Ingrid Michaelson song “Girls and Boys”. I didn’t intentionally mean that, but I don’t want to be guilty of plagiarism, so there you have it.