Friday, July 21, 2023

What is that to me?, draft no. 2

Reflecting on John 21:22

If God wants to take someone in a chariot

He can do it

If God wants to cut life short or make dry bones live

He can do it

And if God wants to surprise me

with his love so that I can run on that in an imperfect world

for forty-eight more turns of the same

that is just fine with me

I no longer fear the old lady,

the old lady I would be at that age--

I don’t know if I would recognize myself at that age

if I saw her at the Odd Fellows home tomorrow,

but I don’t worry anymore if I would. 

If I forget everything he has ever taught me

which I so easily can do—today

it would not matter

Yes, even if I live to be a scary age

I know I am his child

And that is all I need