Friday, February 2, 2024

Alden, Alden

By Jen Hunt (circa 2012)


He keeps to himself

He’s in the know

He walks to school with pack in tow

A thinker, a dreamer

A Star Trek: Next Generation Streamer

Finally a bona fide teen

To Calvin only sometimes mean

Quiet and faithful, a real joy and pleasure

Never without his trusty tape measurer

Facebooks when there’s stuff to tell

Plays his well

iPod touch and sports card buyer

Divides his time between drums and choir

The urban feel and sleek d├ęcor

Are what he frequents Starbucks for

Drawn to all forms of transportation

Destined for greatness and citification

Sensitive hands, sensitive heart

Engineer- sleuth with real spy smarts

Expert at things he’s never been taught

Pointer ever seeking snot

Lake Lundgren and Districts Fan

Our bacon-loving techno-man


Monday, December 4, 2023

Theological Conjugation


I am not

You (s) are not

He, she, it is not

We are not

You (pl) are not

They are not

The I Am Who I Am.

Friday, October 13, 2023

For Pastor Appreciation Month, draft no. 3

Pastors deal with lots of guff,

Rants and rage and tedious stuff.

Saturdays are all awash,

Scanning o’er the week’s midrash.

Yet somehow you don’t seem to mind,

Your manner stays cheerful and kind.

There’s but one way this could be true:

Because you trust that God’s got you.

I thank God* for the work you do,

I know that it will bear much fruit.

Pastoring’s not easy, even with gifting,

Praying you let the Spirit do the heavy lifting.   


*Pastor Dan preached on how one should thank God and not people once. See? Some were listening.

Sunday, October 8, 2023

For Laurn, draft no. 3

For Laurn, draft no. 3

Friend since high – nay, middle--nay, elementary days

Who’s near at heart though miles away

Lover of cats, crafts, and secret potions.

Eloquent, sharp, a wee bit coven.

The woman you’d want on the scene,

If you'd caught salmonella or COVID-19.

Laurn Mank has stood the test--

Wishing her peace, and joy, and all that’s best.

Thursday, October 5, 2023

Breakfast choices, draft no. 1

I made him scrambled eggs

After we had fought;

It feels good to be reconciled

Just as Jesus taught. 

I could have just stayed angry

and burned the time away--

I'm learning to stay better

and love him, come what may. 

Hand wrinkles haiku, draft no. 1

Hand wrinkles are here

Proof of service and love

No shame in aging

Thursday, September 28, 2023

Savoring, draft no. 2

The crystal-dolloped leaves

The velvet-wrinkled moss

The silken, swaying pom poms

With every whisper toss’d

Nature in her glory

Every glade aglow

This is what we’re made for--

Savoring God's work slow