Thursday, September 28, 2023

Savoring, draft no. 2

The crystal-dolloped leaves

The velvet-wrinkled moss

The silken, swaying pom poms

With every whisper toss’d

Nature in her glory

Every glade aglow

This is what we’re made for--

Savoring God's work slow

Haiku for Marcia, draft no. 1

Living in the now,

Cheerleading my counseling--

Marcia is a gift.

Wheee!, draft no. 1

Biking in the fall

Leaves orange, red, and yellow

Cheering me onward. 

Returning from the grocery store, draft no. 1

Bald eagle swooped low

White head and wing tips shining

Now on tree stump lands

Every season, draft no. 1

Winter is on the skin

Spring is in the nose

Summer is on the tongue

Fall is in the eyes. 

Fruit in every season,

Blatant or disguised. 

What I Always Wanted, draft no. 1

Lord, help me to want you

More than an American Girl doll sweater

Your will is to bless me

You will satisfy me better. 

Satisfied, draft no. 1

I sat until the rain drops;

I sat until it came.

I think I shall never be thirsty,

No, not ever again.