Thursday, July 20, 2023

Green Thumb, draft no. 1

This poem is for Dad who lived so long and complete

I wish he saved some little space so God and he could meet

God, may you find a way to settle all his deeds

There is no debt you cannot handle

You have everything you need

You have cattle on a thousand hills

You have honey and milk flowing free and sweet

There is no art that you can measure

To which you can compete

There is no song that you can sing

No beat that you can strum

That is anywhere as close as or as green a thumb

As God’s own son

He has a garden in mind

And he went there for…

Even if it was for you alone

It would not be too much to ask you to make

Your heart his throne

It would not be too much to ask even, if

He asked the moon

The moon, you see, whenever you have

Something [trailed off, didn’t know how to end it….]