Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Going Back to the Garden, draft no. 2

*** segue into praying to God***

I’m going back to a garden when my mansion room is set

And every person who comes behind me

may be wafted by its scent

I did not know words could be so powerful,

Did you?

I did not know words could be anything at all

Till I met You

At the garden center

I did not know how to write

You taught, you put my hand in yours

You helped me form the letters until

I could form scores

You waited there so patiently until I could get better

And you did not worry that I lagged, that I might not get there ever

You knew how far I had come, you knew how far that I could go

When all that I could fathom was misery and snow

I do not think another train

Would take its time and swing so long

If you think you can find one

You are free to go

But I do not think you’ll find it

In fact, I know

Because the depth it had to travel

No other king could go