Sunday, July 9, 2023

Go. Ask. Emmanuel., draft no. 3

What is it with God and curly hair?

Brown or afro? White as snow?

Where did he get his template?

If there isn’t one, how did he know?

When I see art on the museum walls

all hanging in a row

I notice which are whose

by how the paint goes.

I don’t have to get so close I see it signed

because I can spot who did it

by the grooves and by the rhymes.

Chance does not make anything.

Chance is a mirage.

If you tell me a thousand times

I’ll still not buy primordial ooze

for I see his lines.

I don’t think (if you can’t see them) you

have your glasses straight.

But I will not deride you, nor will He either,

as we wait.

Some pictures take longer for some people

to see well.

I do not know why that is,

Go ask Emmanuel.

Or the ox and ass who were

there to tell.