Friday, July 14, 2023

Menominee VR, draft no. 1

Sue, Aurelia, like a bright northern sky

I can’t help think of northern lights whenever you walk by

Brenda, sweet Brenda, you have a voice like gravel?

You may have mothered younger but you broke the mold

You got an education that was better than the rest

I hope that you and yours and theirs are forever blessed

I have no reservation 

to making that request

Geradette, you are my partner in some Golden Girls sitcom where

All the races mix in and the pies are OJ’s

You are the only one I ever told my shoe stories 

I would not have guessed that such a thing could happen had I not had this placement on

Frannie, how could I forget? You are the first one that I meet

And you have always been so thoughtful, pleasant

Sweet. I’ve never felt a burden or unwelcome or behind when I see you sitting there

I hope your reception is great.