Friday, July 14, 2023

For Jeff, draft no. 1

This poem is for Jeff

A brother who is like a dirty rose

A favorite scent from PK perfumers which I put on

Before I go

You were such a kind, big brother

I may not know how or why you couldn’t, wouldn’t, won’t let God inside you

Mid the neighing and the flies

You have so many tall buildings I admire

And the world prizes

But our friendship grew cooler

And most of that was on my side

Most of that was because I knew Jesus but

From the outside

And I had not understood where he wanted me to put my pride

I thought he didn’t mind it because

For it he died

But I realize now I may have pushed you further


Which is the last place I would want you

Which is the last person I would want slide

Your marriage is brighter than mine is

Even though I have God inside

I wonder if I could even imagine

What you’d be like

With new eyes

You are one of God’s most desired prizes

I wonder if that is why Satan wants you on his side

You are never the one that has hurt me

It has always been your foe and mine

And I wish that you could know

God in your heart like he is in mine

And then you would not need to keep your britches on so high

And you would let the east and west meet

In the bridges or the sky

Even brothers and little sisters can get by

If they can learn to trust again

Just as in the Haddam Meadows art painting days

Of by and by

Now that’s a memory I will always have

On the inside


P.S. If you never see this poem, I would be so very sad

But if you saw it and rejected it

I would simply call my dad

No, I wish that you knew all his names I’ve learned

And would let me tell them to you

Because I truly think if you knew him as I know him you would not be so mad