Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Rap On John 4

By Jen and Calvin Hunt

Jesus goes to a Samaritan well
(Which most Jews wouldn’t find so swell)
He asks the lady who draws at noon
For help to wet his whistle soon.

He says “Hey, there, woman, before you go
I sure would like some H 2 O.
In return I’ll give you living water
That satisfies like nothing other.

“The drink I got doesn’t come from a spout
But it can change you from the inside out.
So, get your husband and come back
Then I can give you the thing you lack.”

“Sir,” she said, “I’ve got no spouse,”
(Failing to cite her live-in louse.)
“Right you are! That’s why I asked,
I’m all over your five-groom past.”

Well, she’s quite impressed by his prophetic powers,
But the conversation’s going sour
So she shifts to something less risqué
Like, “On which mountain should I pray?”

Jesus replies, “All hills fare the same,
Spirit and truth are the name of God’s game.”
Now she’s sure he’s the real McCoy
Who won’t treat her heart like a toy.

So she leaves her jar and runs to town
To give all her critics the honest low-down:
“Jesus knows everything, that’s a fact!
If you want the Messiah, just follow me back!”