Sunday, June 25, 2023

January Haiku Challenge

Day 1

Poor amaryllis

facing away from the sun

proud, yet very lost


Day 2


ever in my thoughts and dreams

thumbprint for a house


Waiting for a prince

to whisk me to the ocean

how my ankles itch


Yelling at the app

for mucking with his order--

better fish to fry


Halo round the moon

branches still, no starts in sight

upper window view


Thought I heard dad yell

but it was a dog barking

diff’rence hard to tell


Day 3

Bike Trail Walk

Wind pushing our backs

cheeks pink with winter’s pinching

January stroll


Shower Her Off Dance

Four left feet between

us, cannot find the rhythm

yet stretching for love


Day 4


Putting groceries in

bags, feel twinge in lower back--

middle age is hard



Borrows yoga blocks

to lift his computer screen--

good to have son back


Day 5: New Walking Buddy

Left right left we go

walking around Titletown

stretching limbs and minds


Day 6

I think I am stuck

stucker than stucker than stuck--

time for paper dolls


On my phone too much

relearning how to dawdle--

how tech-free fun heals!


Day 7

Blood curdling screams

over electric fan wire

never mind my heart


Day 8

Assessing damage

alibis, apologies--

marriage is hard work


Day 9

My world is quite small

paper doll cutouts is all--

inner child work


Day 10

A family chat

community group women

holding what is good


Day 11

Arcs of heavy snow

shoveled toward the edges--

plumber on his way


Day 12

Posting on Facebook

never know the response to

moldy rugs, haikus


Day 13

Wordle running streak

broken by murky mistake--

still the world goes on


Day 14

Everyone read this

on women in ministry

before it’s too late


Day 15

Heart wreath on the door

Valentines in the mail box

Where is the postman?


Day 16

If I’m too naïve

to be teaching men at church

why trust me with kids?


Day 17

Tissue for my nose

brisk wind watering my eyes

January walk


Day 18

Nestled by the fire

stacks of books on the table

January bliss


Day 19

Trying not to scratch

itchy patches on ankles

eczema torture


Day 20

Huel in a cup

claims healthier than ramen--

nothing to write home


Day 21

TV in pjs

Next to hubby, watching Crown--

30 years married


Day 22

No snow on the ground

January protesting

I will not complain


Day 23

Mall walking with Panh

buying Christmas cards in January

can’t resist tigers


Day 24

Itchy red ankles

eczema on the loose

no doctor ‘til March


Day 25

Volunteering gig

Time to help the shop I love

DPCO fun


Day 26

I Timothy scares

Got big girl pants on, reading

Give me wisdom, God


Day 27

Slippery sidewalks

More excuses not to walk--

Oh, for willpower


Day 28

Clomp, clomp, swishy-swish

East River Park snow shoeing

glad for little wind


Day 29

Walking at the mall

so many stores on my route

yet, nothing I want


Day 30

Thirty-fourth birthday

of when I trust Christ

on PEF ski trip


Day 31

Haiku thirty-one

My month-long fun is over

Keep going! I say