Saturday, September 15, 2018

Burning Bush *

By Jen Hunt in honor of Lashawnda Mccarty

Burning Bush--
How else to describe a woman
Who glows from within
Who never expires
No matter the wind?

A burning bush
Isn’t known for what it destroys
Or ash left behind
But for light without soot
From an endless fuel

A burning bush stays
That’s one way to glow,
Stay still
That works, too
For that, there's
God on the Go
Fire, then
Cloud, then
Fire some more
(Whatever the need
God’s there, core and skin)

No, the burning bush isn’t known
For ash left behind
But for energy sure
That never expires
In truth, the burning bush
Is not remembered
It. Just. Is.
Because Jehovah is
The I Am Who I Am

Whether she stays
Or goes--
Carries that same fire inside
Ever-strong, solid and
Fueled from within
She. Just. Is.

Be Bless
My cherished friend
Enjoy the ride!

Jesus’ Truly,

*(Be Bless, revised, on further reflection)