Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Jesus, what can you do with hurts like that

by Jen Hunt
from the archives
Jesus, what can you do with hurts like that
So wide and high and deep
What can you do for a wound so raw
One jolt can make me weep
It’s taking too much room inside
Take this burden from my mind
Rejected, scorned! Satan chides
Beheld! Adored! Your mercy shines
Here I am, worth more than sparrows,
Tired from dodging all these arrows
Unless you take me on your shoulders
I’ll never find the fold.
My head is tired and my feet are cold
My hands will give out before this story’s told
This wasn’t the victory I had in mind
When I heard your song for the very first time
My hair’s in knots, my stomach too,
Where did everyone go when I tied my shoe?
Gone the grasses patched with dew
Maybe this sewer pipe will do.
It doesn’t take long before I can’t remember
What it was like when life was tender
Who was I then? Who am I now?
This yoke would be easier if I were a cow
I’m not going anywhere new
Until I’m sure it’s really you.
You’re going to have to carry me through
Or these shadows will tear me in two.