Thursday, January 30, 2014

Mapquest and my quest

I can see the destination
On my iPad
Try as I might to drag the route
To the scenic side
I fail
My clumsy fingers are too big to grab hold
I never find the right way back

I turned northward one roundabout too soon
It took me to a town I hadn't passed before

I got sidetracked thinking about
the unsolvable knot that is
I am tired and
I can't think anymore

I need to rest before I can face this
When I do, only then
I will be able to trust
How is it I need to be refreshed
in order to wait well?
I thought it would be more draining to act and control
than to do nothing
I was wrong.
In truth waiting on God
takes all the energy one has
It is far easier
just to try and control the outcome
Who knew?
So I must rest
And let the quest