Friday, November 15, 2013


by Jen Hunt, from the archives

Martha is such a competent woman who when getting ready for company and when is she not getting ready for company sets a timer to tell her when the roast is close to done so she can start the gravy and tick she spent all morning tick hand-grinding the wheat for some fresh dinner buns and now tick it's down to the wire and ohyeah Jesus is coming for dinner tick so tick out come the good silver and crystal and tick now I’m eyeing the second hand and boy I could really tick use another hand and tick there's Alice out in Wonderland but I'm late I'm late I’m late tick and scurrying about murmuring this under my breath tick I slam my finger in the drawer tick by accident tick and oops spill some milk in the process tick and then tick this little piggy really goes to market and running all the way home squealing like a radical feminist chained up in a convent she tick drops the bomb: “Jesus! Get Mary in here!” Ding.