Friday, September 7, 2018


By Jen Hunt, with nod, if my memory is correct, to Charis Hart [someone whose site I can no longer find], for introducing me to the term Xerxianity.

If you’re invited to a party
You really ought to go
If you’re dragged by seven eunichs
It’s awkward to say no, but

Say the drinking’s been unbridled
For days and days on end
And the stench of spilt wine wretches
And the months-long revelry rends
There’s nothing you can answer
That won’t be misunderstood
When King Xerxes bids you visit
To impress his sloshed man-brood

Have empathy for Vashti
Before you deem her rude
Or call her “No” a warning
On what women mustn’t do
The Bible here is silent
There’s no mention of her flaws
Who are we to judge her
For crossing unwrit laws?

Xerxes was no model for
Husbands, kings or men
How about we all revisit
Esther’s story line again?
The book omits God’s name
But God’s providence exudes
Despite foolish plotting
To hush women or kill Jews

Yes, have empathy for Vashti
Before you deem her rude
Or call her “No” a lesson
On what women ought not do...
Xerxianity alone is all that’s
Threatened by her coup

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