Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Long, Lost Huldah, or How it All Went Down

By Jen Hunt

Huldah, Huldah, Huldah
How’ve you been? It’s been so long--
How’s your husband, how’s your family
How’s your prophesying gone?

Must be lonesome
This forthtelling
As the sole she-gig in town
No one’d fault you holding
Bitterness o’er
How things all went

An uncommonly good king
Once the old-found Law was read
Sent you five court men to inquire
What God meant by what it said
In our memories
You lag behind
Small taters like Jabez

Like the book the priests discovered
Your name's been in short supply
Or, if mentioned,
Moderated, as
A concede to dark times

Should I, then, like Good Josiah
Rend my garments
At this slight?
Or summon down the wrath of God
To try and make it right?

I can almost guess your answer
Reading 2 Kings 22
For, going there, it’s plain
“Thus says the Lord”
Gripped you

Still, I won’t forget your title
And I won’t forget your nerve
And I won’t forget Josiah
Took a woman at God’s word