Friday, September 5, 2014

Justin’s Wish

for my nephew, Justin, from the archives

If once, just once, I could have my wish
Every day would be Saturday-ish
Me on my booster, Baby Jo on my right
We’d gobble up pancakes from morning till night
With courses of carrots and cheese in between
Topped off with a gallon of choc’late ice cream

Whenever we tired of stuffing our faces
We’d hop from our seats and have teddy bear races
From down in the play room: On your mark! Get set! Zoom!
We’d dash through the hallway and into my room
Where there’s never a lack of nooks to explore
Whether under a bed frame or inside a drawer

It’s nice being me, with Miss Ann my teacher
One day I really would like you to meet her
My only regret as a toddler/typhoon
Is that I need help to read “Good Night Moon”
Well, also that Christopher hijacks my stuff
You can see why sometimes a guy’s had enough

Friends say I’m loving--I dare say I am
While others insist I can be quite a ham
My folks call me Pumpkin, but Justin means “Upright”
So one day I hope to exceed my dear Dad’s height
Until then, to sum up, I’m active and sweet
The happiest boy you will ever meet