Friday, January 24, 2014

Cyber Hibernation

By Jennifer Hunt, from the archives

Leave the house.
Try your
Charlie Brown-empty
Round a corner.
Crane your neck.
Falter, child-like,
Groping for plane
Like wobbling bubble
In carpenter’s level.
Grab hold the horizon.
Hang on for dear life.
From bland swaths
Of TV screen snow
Adjust your eyes

Aim to decipher
The cumulo-strati.
Learn God’s cuneiform.
From watery depths
Unplug both ears
To leaf and lark.
Discern each line
Of fall’s concerto—
Her rotted pecan
Her foot-crunched leaf
Imbibe dusty Autumn’s
Drygood musk.
Inhale her stale
Box of crackers.
No junkmail here
Dig in.