Friday, May 2, 2014

Family Manners Rhymes

Reminders when our boys were small
by Jen Hunt, from the archives

Whenever you come to our nice mealtime table
Please sit as still and speak as softly as you’re able

Forgot to pray before you chewed?
Shame, shame, shame on you, you, you!

One of your mother’s last, dying wishes
Is that you remember to clear off your dishes

A bed is a bed, except (can you guess?)
When it’s one big, awful, unmade mess
It’s not too hard to start your day right
Just straighten your sheets when you’re done for the night

Dressers are great, see all of their drawers!
We have them so that we can walk on our floors
Without them, you’d find your route clogged with huge piles
So put clothes away and you’ll bring your feet smiles

Hark! Who goes there? I hope it’s not you
Please use the front door, then take off your shoes
Oh, and hang up your coat—need I say more?
Yes, the very best way to keep dirt off the floor
Is to always come in through the front garage door

Whenever you’re done with your shower or bath
Pick up any tub toys or towels in the path
Then after you’ve dried off and combed all your hairs
It’s time for jammies and nighttime prayers

Toothbrushes help keep your teeth when you’re older
But please, once you’ve brushed, put them back in the holder!

Whenever Mom/Dad calls you to go
Please don’t move in slow-mo

If you’re in the mood for food
You better ask your mom first, Dude

Please keep dirty paws
Off our furniture and cloths