Friday, April 11, 2014

Customized Beatitude

I thoroughly enjoyed the Biblical Imagination seminar I went to recently. We ended the time each taking half an hour to write our own Beatitude based on Matthew 5:1-12. This was what I wrote(modified since then):

Blessed are those who are nobodies at home, for they shall know the favor of God.
Blessed are those who have lost good dreams, for they shall find God wasn't lost with them.
Blessed are those with stale souls and empty pockets, for they shall learn, “That’ll do”.
Blessed are the whittled-down bruised-brains, for they shall have the mind of Christ.
Blessed are those who want something Apple doesn’t sell, for they shall receive something that needs no upgrades.
Blessed are the abused who let God do the score-settling, for they will be healed inside.
Blessed are the worthlesses who ask for help anyway, for they will taste true delight.
Blessed are the apology-champs, for who they resemble is plain to all.
Blessed are you when you are misunderstood, marginalized or manhandled for me. Rejoice and be glad for something better is on the way.