Thursday, January 27, 2011

Why My Husband Deserves A Raise

An Appeal from “The Wife” or Why My Husband Deserves a Raise

Some employees who come along quite rarely
And deserve to be reimbursed squarely
Permit me here to tell what and why
Graham Hunt deserves from Humana’s pie

A modern day Mike Mulligan
Finishing four weeks’ work in one
Unassuming, diligent,
Trustworthy, vigilant
Hardly ever leaves his desk
Seldom flirts with opposite sex
Dresses plain, not debonair
(You know, the guy with the tow-head hair)
Modest and clever, a true problem-solver
Would never think of becoming a door-revolver
Loves his boss, his boss loves him
Situation’s a real win-win

Yet, underneath the hood
Lurks one small bug he’d fix--if he could
(Allow me to explain
Before you divvy up the grain)
It’s that . . .he rarely ever buys a lunch
Rents a duplex for his bunch
Let’s no penny run away
And still can’t travel unless others pay
Cannot save for his kids’ college
Retirement savings? a sad mirage
Helps everyone’s computers go faster
But earns less than he did as a pastor
Is this fair? Is this right?
Could this be keeping him up at night?
Might a little bump in pay
Keep him singing through hard work days?
You could help, you could try
To recompense this fine tech guy

Some employees, honest and smart
Deserve to be paid well right from the start
Thank you for letting me go on and on
About Graham’s slice of the lemon chiffon